5-6-15 Salvation Pt 2

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5-6-15 Salvation Pt 2 from Glory To The Nations on Vimeo.

A poem born from the events of this conference by Julie D.

Sparkles of Righteousness

sparkles of Righteousness spread
across the hands and faces of the faithful
and landing upon the fabric
laid draped across a woman’s breasts
   while waiting for her miracle to come:
the flesh of each spirit gathered
to bear witness to the spirit of Christ,
drowning the fears trying to tear us down…
swimming in a sea of sparkles and goodness…
each to be a testament of God’s promises,
each one a miracle in its own right:
the love and forgiveness,
with no strings attached,
manifest within each heart,
within each spirit,
to become a beacon of light
drenched in Heaven’s dew
and blasted with the sparkles
that God’s righteousness attracts.