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What to Expect when Visiting GTTN

We are a simple building, actually a large building we call the Glory Barn located on a 7 acre lot in New Jersey. We will not impress you with our Cathedral BUT we will impress you with our service.

Fellowship and Live Music – This is where you can come and meet GTTN’s founders, listen to live music and unwind for the conference.


This is where the founders of GTTN speak the revelational knowledge message. Sometimes there is a ministry call which means if one of the founders of GTTN is led by God to speak into peoples’ lives you are free to go up front and have them minister and share the insight they received for you.

The Glory Barn

GTTN is starting a worldwide movement; the Glory Barn is where we meet locally here in the USA.


  1. Was born approximately 15 years ago.
  2. It is a converted barn located on a private residence consisting of 7 acres.
  3. It is finished inside with the basic amenities.
  4. There is child care provided (ages 3-7) for all services in the children’s’ room.
  5. This is a safe place for those who may feel intimidated by the traditional church atmosphere
  6. The Glory Barn is not about the building, it’s about you becoming one with God.
  7. We do not have everything, but what we do have is a real, life-changing truth that anyone can experience.
  8. The greatest thing about the barn is the people and how God has changed their lives.
  9. You will be accepted and welcomed and will not be judged.
  10. Address: 230 Dock Rd, Marlton, New Jersey, 08053