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Sunday Conference info

10 am Sunday Fellowship and Song

This is a time to meet the Founders of GTTN, fellowship with other people, friends and family. It is also a time to listen to live music that uplifts the soul.

11 am – 12 pm Sunday Conference

This is where you will hear from the founders of GTTN

12:15 pm till the end

You will have the opportunity to receive insight on the spiritual life we live. To have questions you may have been asking yourself, answered; to identify and overcome issues; and to be built up and strengthened so you can move on to a better life.

 Wednesday Night info

7:30 pm  Conference – Beginning May 6, 2015

Cant make it to our Sunday morning conference, come out to these special nights where you will hear from the founders of GTTN in an informal setting.  Sit with us in a personal environment and hear what we have to share.

Once a month on the last Wednesday of the month we will hold a full conference with live music Starting at 6:30pm