Who We Are

The first impression you may feel is that we are a church. But how do you define church?  GTTN defines church as a group who gathers together to receive teachings that when applied leads to a better life. We gather together to get in touch with a higher power which GTTN calls God, to help change our lives for the purpose we were created for.


GTTN is a spiritual place where we understand we are made up as a spirit, living in a physical body and not denying a life living spirit which dwells in all of humanity.

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Example: God – a higher power other than yourself



GTTN is a Non-profit organization established in the year 2000 approximately 15 years ago after the founder, James Mandel, met 3 other men, Kurt, Tim and Sam. The 3 men’s lives, families and friends have been changed through the gifts and teachings from Jim so much so that the 4 men decided these teachings and gifts need to help others.


Since then, the men traveled in many nations around the world holding large conferences, meetings, and small group gatherings helping people find answers to questions, receive direction, purpose and understanding about themselves and life in general. Many have received mental, emotional and physical healings and Jim may see your future.


Now GTTN is taking on AMERICA starting in New Jersey where they meet in a large outbuilding on a 7 acre farm located in the Berlin/Atco area. Since then the organization has grown with over 50,000 on-line listeners around the world who interact through on-line video & audio and receive interaction with Jim through e-mail.  gttn@hotmail.com