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Godɡäd/noun – A higher power other than self / a power of creation

Christ – The part of God who is in mankind / a spirit that dwells with God inside your heart

Jesus – A man 2,000+ years ago who brought a message to a group who then formed Christianity

Jesus Christ – A man who lived out the Spirit of Christ even unto death

Holy Spirit – The act and motion of God and the Spirit of Christ combined

Religion – A law or doctrine to follow that is written on your heart that you believe in

Repentance – Changing the way of your thoughts

Sin – Not thinking correctly causing harm to yourself or others

Members – Forces and powers working in your thoughts that control and lead you to sin

Peace – An internal comfort

Joy – An internal happiness and acceptance

Righteousness – A combination of internal peace and joy

Kingdom of God – A place in your heart where the Spirit of God dwells

Glory – A presence or sense of victory

Son of God – Mankind embracing the Spirit of Christ internally

Church – A body of people who in one accord believe spiritually in the same mission

Soul – A lost individual who is neutral and did not take on an identity

World – The thoughts that are in your head

Heart – A dwelling place for the spirit that makes up who you really are

Flesh – The thoughts in your head that lie to you and try to make you who you think you are

Mind – Either your thoughts or your heart. You choose because mankind has 2 minds

Body – There are 2 the first is Physical or carnal and the second is Spiritual or divine

Faith – God and the power of

Hope – Christ and the desire of

Prayer – Is your heart’s desire not your mind’s desire

Worship – What you obey and follow

Truth – What is written on your heart and or mind that causes victory

Lie – What is written on your heart and or mind that causes loss or defeat

Anointing – Unction, inspiration, conviction or very deep true feeling

Miracles, Signs and Wonders – Supernatural events

Law – Do’s and don’ts, rights and wrongs, that the world puts on you

Salvation – Being free from the battles of the powers and forces of death

Ministry – A time where one speaks over another person to bring healing to the mind, body and soul and/or a word of inspiration or direction into your life’s spirit