Sr. Founder James Mandel

Growing up, it would appear I had a normal family. But at age 16 I realized I wasn’t happy and something inside of me was just not right. The situation I was living in was not normal; so I left home.

I started to search for something that I could not identify yet. I guess you could call it a life. I already was abusing alcohol, drugs and women so at this point I started to drown myself with work. By age 21 I had my own business and I thought things were getting better but the emptiness inside was still there.

By age 26, I got married, bought my second home and by age 30 was a self-made millionaire. Still I was not happy, the pressures of life were increasing and that same emptiness never went away. I was still involved in the party scene and at this time thoughts of suicide began to creep in. In the midst of these thoughts I never stopped searching.

In 1998 I was led to a meeting, what I call a conference. It was there where a man named Bob Shattles, who was called a man of God, had a supernatural encounter with a story behind it. I was curious, so I decided to go; not knowing this was the beginning of my new life.

This conference was somewhat represented as a church meeting. First there was singing then the man gave a message. At the end of his message he asked if there was anyone who was sick and tired of being sick and tired. If so, he invited them to the front for prayer.

Not remembering a word he spoke, something compelled me to run up front. With tears streaming down my face, I ran as fast as I could. The speaker came to me, looked at me, stepped back and said ‘Whoa’. He lifted his hands to pray for me and, BAM! I fell to the ground as if I was knocked out. I opened my eyes and said to my wife who was there “This must be real!” I tried to get up off of the ground but my body felt like it was magnetically stuck, it also felt as if an x-ray blanket had been laid on top of me.

I fought myself to get up but my body did not want to. Once up, my body began to shake and tremble uncontrollably and I felt like I was going to vomit. By that time, the meeting was over and no one was really around and somehow I made it home.

Once home, I lay on the couch and was taken to a place. Whether in the body or out of body I don’t know. And this was the beginning of my new life filled with peace, joy and new thoughts. I am stopping here with a note that my upcoming book will explain in detail these events.

I will say, the place I was taken to was where I received the knowledge of why we are here, the internal warfare we deal with, and how to break free of it to receive a peaceful, purposeful life along with gifts, foresight and insight to help people overcome and guide them on the right path.