Why Us


Why us is because we have no walls, traditions or culture. We just want everyone to find internal salvation and to fulfill their purpose; to come together in unity and worship the true living God of Faith.
GTTN feels that the traditions and cultures in religion separate and divide the unity and love of mankind.

GTTN knows the life that is inside of an individual that makes up the oneness with God; God’s wills and God’s ways not traditions or patterns of what’s right and what’s wrong or what is good and what is bad. GTTN does not disregard these traditions and cultures but we feel they are personal and we encourage you to keep your traditions and cultural ways and not to emphasize them so much that it brings division. We look at these as personal and they should be kept close to your heart not wanting to change others as religion tends to do.


GTTN looks at God dwelling in all mankind and the life of God works inside and speaks and guides us with conviction and peace, being transparent in pure love. God doesn’t dwell in a building, synagogue, cathedral, mosque, statue, picture or rosary beads nor do you need to approach a high priest to say I’m sorry. GTTN feels deeply about God just wanting a personal relationship with you and not to judge whether you are right or wrong, good or bad. We feel that God’s power in a person who is truly seeking God, is working thru that individual not judging them based on their actions.

GTTN strongly believes that the life inside of you has been there since the day you were born and the uniqueness of you is the deepest desires of your heart which changes moment by moment. It’s not your ethnicity, generation, background, traditions, culture or geographic location which makes you unique. GTTN wants you to find this deep desire which brings out who you really are along with building a relationship with God to keep you on the right path of fulfilling your purpose and destiny.


GTTN feels that God redeemed us and forgave us since birth and doesn’t condemn us but loves us unconditionally just the way we are. He has a plan and purpose for all mankind so that we can come and fulfill His desires since He designed them and formed us to accomplish those desires.