Life is a mystery. Every day we face forces that alter our thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings could be happy or sad, fearless or terrified.  Either way they manifest throughout the day and certain circumstances help control or move the way we feel.


Many of us don’t know how to control our thoughts and feelings and they take hold of us and drive us to do or think in ways we don’t want to. Most of these powers and forces don’t want us to succeed or to find happiness. Some of us believe this is who we are and that is the way of our life and there is no way out and we fall deeper and deeper into life’s muddy pit.  But this is not true and to know the answer is the way out. 2

The founder of GTTN had a life altering event to know and identify the powers and forces that control our lives.  He has the answers to overcome and defeat these powers and forces that lead us to this muddy pit, and to tap into the life that was given to us from the time of birth and to live out the purpose we were born for.

In order for you to receive the fullness of what GTTN has to offer, it is imperative for you to come and be present in the conference and to experience the supernatural presence of the unknown. Some examples of this are: Words of knowledge, emotional, physical and mental healing, word of direction for your life and breaking generational curses.


We at GTTN have established this website as a tool for you to see that there is another way out and to find your purpose that is already inside of you!